Stephen founded the social enterprise the Voice cLoud in 2011 to explore and promote the role of music and the creative arts for health and wellbeing.

The Voice cLoud has used music to positively impact on the health of people who have various health and support needs including; cancer, dementia, Parkinson’s, COPD and lung conditions, chronic fatigue, anxiety and mental health issues and adults and young people with learning disabilities or acquired brain trauma.

In 2018, Stephen launched an online singing service which offered people with mobility issues, anxiety or depression, which prevented them leaving the house, the chance to still sing, be musical and be a part of an online community. These sessions have run weekly and continue to do so.

After the announcement by the government on Tuesday 17th March, 2020 to “avoid any non essential public contact”, Stephen widened these online sessions to be available to anybody who would like to continue singing but has found themselves unable to do so.

Stephen says; “It is obvious that the impact on day to day life is significant and will be here for a while at least.

These online sessions provide a way for us to sing together and build our choral community in lieu of physical connection, compounding the sense of connection that many choir members have joined a choir for in the first place!

As we have to continue our confinement in the coming weeks, then these online social interactions will become more and more crucial to combat loneliness and boredom for our mental health and can help us all feel like we’re not in this alone”.

The charge to join us is £3 per session or £7 to attend all three sessions per week (we cover different content in each session)