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How does Online Choir work?

How do I join?

Ground rules and etiquette

Pros & Cons of singing online

Tour of Zoom

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It is important to remember that every device is different. One smart tablet to the next or a laptop to a Mac may show Zoom features in different ways. Please remember that if the tips below do not equate to what your device displays.


  • Audio/Video controls are in the lower left-hand corner.
  • As the host, I can request for you to start your video or start your microphone but you need to already have given permission for your device to use your camera prior to joining the session and within your Zoom settings.
  • Controls to switch in/out of Speaker or Gallery mode are in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Gallery view is not available on Phones (only tablets and desktop/Mac), due to the screen size.
  • You can change your camera view to a virtual background (if you prefer we don’t see your home background).
  • If you don’t want to be seen on camera, you can either turn your video off (or not activate it) or leave it switched on but just move slightly out of shot (you know if you are “in shot” as the view from your own webcam will also show on your screen as it does for other participants).
  • Some older computers may not have cameras. If you don’t have a device with a camera, this needn’t stop you from joining. As long as you have a microphone and speakers/headphones.


  • Sometimes the setting on your device auto-hides Zoom controls when not in use. Move the mouse over where the controls would be (bottom of the screen) to activate/appear them.
  • There is a chat feature which is used to share lyrics and send messages or comments. To access this feature, you will find the Chat button located at the bottom of the screen (in the middle of all the other options). Click on it and the Chat will dock on the right-hand side and all messages will appear there.


  • You can react with emojis during the session. The reaction icon is located at the bottom of the screen. Click it to access and activate APPLAUSE or THUMB reactions.
  • There are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to navigate the Zoom settings without using your mouse. Shortcuts for Windows, Mac and IOS are here.

What time do you meet?

We meet between 7.30 – 9.00pm UK time.
Because of daylight saving times, during the Summer months, the U.K. is BST (GMT+1) and when the clocks change in Autumn, we move back to GMT. Other countries also have daylight saving times but the changes happen at different times to the U.K.
If you live outside the U.K., it can get confusing to know what time a 7.30pm (UK) start is in your country!
We have found that World Time Buddy offers the most reliable way to compare a time in one country to another.


Stephen 07909 510976


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Members testimonials

“It feels so much like real choir, that I feel like I ought to wash my hands afterwards.” Thelma

“It is fabulous, a real lifeline for me.”

“I’m disabled, therefore delighted to find this opportunity to sing.”

“A fantastic way of working on new material that may not transition well into a choral setting. It also gives you a chance to try harmonies without other choir members hearing you. This is great if you are not that confident in your singing abilities.”

“Don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to park when I get home at night. Easier to pick out and stay on harmonies, as you don’t have anyone next to you to put you off.”

“Convenience of not having to plan to go out and just turning on pc 5 min before start. Also good to sing with people from other countries.”